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Manager’s Report – August 2017

Salem and Washington, DC A special thank you to regional legislators on a bipartisan proposal to support the 2014 Biological Opinion governing the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). Specifically, the legislators include Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (RWA), with Representatives Greg Walden (ROR), Dan Newhouse (RWA), Jaime Herrera-Beutler (RWA), and Kurt Schrader (DOR). This legislative […]

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‘Housekeeping’ Helps in Fire Protection

Take precautions to protect yourself and your home from risks of wildfire For every day of moisture-sucking wind and heat that passes in The Dalles, the risk of wildfire grows. For residents in the Northern Wasco County PUD service area, “housekeeping” is the biggest key to reducing the risk from wildfire. And that goes for […]

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A Garden Full of Memories

Mary Gale’s garden is a testament to family and friends By Kathy Ursprung For Mary Gale, weeding is a labor of love and a journey into the past. She loves time spent kneeling in garden beds, grimy nails and knuckles, tugging at the tiny invaders. “I just love the dirt,” Mary says. “I’ve always gravitated […]

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Three Grants Help Local Museums

Tourism takes center stage in economic grants Providing features that attract visitors and improve the livability of a community have long been recognized as a key part of economic development strategy— a strategy that Northern Wasco County PUD recognized in its May 23 selection of three museums as recipients of their economic development grants. Columbia […]

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Growing More With Less

Advancing irrigation technology allows farmers to use data to control water application based on current conditions—all from their smartphones By Kathy Ursprung Farming may be one of the most traditional pursuits on the planet, but since the dawn of civilization, farmers have been advancing technology to put food on our tables—from hand-planted, hand-watered and hand-picked […]

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Manager’s Report – July 2017

Technology Improvements The stated philosophy of Northern Wasco County PUD is: “We value our public power traditions, while seeking new and better ways to preserve the benefits of that heritage. We believe that with innovation, teamwork and commitment, we can compete effectively in a changing environment.” Part of our commitment to you, our customer-owners, is […]

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VoiceBox: Public Power and Your Community

Consumer-owned utilities offer more than lower rates, they offer community support One year ago, I joined the public power industry. What an amazing ride it has been. Until then, what I knew about power was limited to “flip the switch and my lights are supposed to come on.” Granted, I still don’t know a lot […]

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Better, Kinder Kennels

Shelter strives to raise money to improve surroundings and increase likelihood of adoption By Kathy Ursprung Walk into the kennel at Home at Last Humane Society and the overwhelming impression is dark, noisy and caged. Chainlink fencing separates the animals from one another and from visitors. The cages are clean and have bright touches, such […]

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Manager’s Message – June 2017

Reinvestment in your PUD systems You will be noticing more and more inspection and construction work from PUD crews and contractors starting this month. Utility pole inspection, testing and treatment is critically important as much of your electrical system is transmitted and distributed via overhead lines. The clear majority of the utility poles the PUD […]

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Summer Brings Need for Awareness

For safety’s sake, know what’s around you Summer weather brings with it plenty of play time and work time, and that’s why summer is also a particularly important time to pay attention to outdoor electrical safety. This is a good time to make sure family members know about any possible outdoor electrical safety hazards and […]