Pole Load Analysis (PLA) Reports with Addendum

Bid Number: Status: Closed

Bidding Begins: Monday, July 15, 2019

Bidding Ends: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Categories: Engineering

Submittal Info:

An addendum, Addendum 01, has been issued to answer questions Northern Wasco County PUD (District) has received from potential bidders.


REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL for Pole Load Analysis (PLA) Reports
Version: 002
Issued: July 15, 2019
Response Deadline: 2:00PM (PST) July 31, 2019
Responses after this date and time will not be considered.


Northern Wasco County People's Utility District ("District") issues this Request for Proposals soliciting services to generate and provide detailed Pole Load Analysis (PLA) Reports associated with approximately 6,800 poles.

Project Description

The work associated with the Project is in or near the towns of The Dalles and Tygh Valley within Wasco County, Oregon.

The Project includes translating 2019 pole attachment audit information into a detailed pole loading analysis report utilizing calibrated digital pole images provided by the District. To simplify generating PLA reports, the Contractor will also be provided ‘read’ access to the District’s asset management system so as to provide the Contractor additional pole and electric equipment information. This project will work in conjunction with the District’s Pole Attachment Audit that began in June 2019 and will be completed in October 2019.

Scope of Work

This project includes providing 6,800 detailed PLA reports using pole loading software that can electronically transmit and upload PLA reports into the District’s Asset Management system.

Detailed PLA Reports for each pole will include a:

1) Pole Analysis/Utilization Report,
2) Digital pole profile image with detail measurements labeled directly on the pole image,
3) 3D representation of the pole and attachments


Contractor to provide proposal contents for labor and expertise to submit PLA Reports starting the week of August 19, 2019 and to be completed by December 31, 2019. PLA Report information will be delivered with ESRI Geodatabases in a prescribed format to be provided to the successful contractor. PLA Report deliverables will conform to District’s GIS database standards.

Successful contractor will conduct weekly conferences with District to discuss project progress and will provide Summary Reports as each Substation Service Area is completed.

Successful contractor will provide an overall Project Summary Report to the District when the Project is completed.

Project Management

Successful contractor to demonstrate a systematic approach to completing the work.

Successful Contractor shall have extensive experience in completing similar projects to ensure project goals are completed in an effective and accurate manner.

1. Project Startup: The successful contractor will meet with District personnel before the project begins. This will serve to ensure successful contractor has a clear understanding of the District’s goals, objectives, and data delivery specifications.

2. Project status and reporting: Successful contractor will provide examples of Project status reports generated from other similar projects.

3. Project staffing: Successful contractor will provide a schedule and staffing plan in their proposal that aligns with District’s goals for the project completion timeframe.

Proposal Contents Summary

Each proposal must meet all of the following to be considered for acceptance by the District:

• Provide a copy of the contractor’s cost and invoicing schedule.
• Outline the contractor’s relevant experience in the last two years.
• Provide a list of previous clients that may be used as references.
• Include the name, address, and telephone number of the primary person who will coordinate the services with the District.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Experience and Qualifications

Demonstration of proposed project team members:

• Qualifications to perform work in applicable discipline(s).
• Current and projected workload of each proposed project personnel and proportion of time available for this contract.

2. Contractor Experience

Demonstration of Contractor’s:

• Qualifications to perform work in applicable disciplines.
• Past performance in completing projects of similar size and scope.

3. Availability and Commitment of Resources

If applicable, Contractor to define how it manages workers in remote locations.

Pricing Proposal

Contractor is to submit a per pole price for generating and electronically submitting PLA Reports for approximately 6,800 poles.

Evaluation Process

District staff will evaluate all proposals based on:

1) cost competitiveness;
2) Contractor’s demonstrated expertise in performing pole loading analyses and generating PLA Reports; and
3) ability to successfully manage projects of similar nature and scope. The District’s staff may also request clarifications or additional information, if needed. A selection may be based on the cost alone or any combination of the Evaluation Criteria, references and interviews. The District’s Board of Directors will review staff’s selection and make the determination whether to authorize staff to execute the contract with the selected contractor.

The District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any informality or technicality in any proposal in the interest of the District.


Factors, such as, but not limited to, any of the following, may disqualify submissions without further consideration:

• Evidence of collusion, directly or indirectly, among successful contractors in regard to the amount, terms or conditions of this Request for Proposal;
• Any attempt to improperly influence any member of the evaluation team;
• Existence of any lawsuit, unresolved contractual claim or dispute between contractor and the District;
• Evidence of incorrect information submitted as part of the proposal;
• Evidence of the successful contractor’s inability to successfully complete the responsibilities and obligations described in the request for proposal; and
• Contractor’s default under any previous agreement with the District.


Submit questions via email to:


Questions are to be submitted no later than July 24, 2019. Answers to questions will be provided no later than July 26, 2019.

District will not host a pre-proposal meeting.

Contractors submitting proposals are required to either mail or hand-deliver two (2) bound hardcopies and one (1) USB or similar electronic copy addressed to “Northern Wasco County PUD, c/o Tom McGowan – “Pole Load Analysis” at 2345 River Road, The Dalles, OR 97058, no later than July 31, 2019 at 2:00PM (PST). The entire submittal shall be of a sealed type. Submissions after that time will not be opened. The District may reject any or all proposal submissions if the District deems doing so would be in the public’s interest.

Once a submittal is selected, the District will determine if they desire to enter into negotiations for a final Contract with the most competitive and qualified contractor. Final project related matters will be negotiated during this period to the satisfaction of the District. Any entity responding to this solicitation shall do so at its sole expense.

This solicitation is being conducted pursuant to procedures set forth in the District’s Procurement Policies; the Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 279B Public Contracting - Public Procurements; and OAR 137-047.