Understanding Your PUD Bill

Do you want to learn more about your monthly bill and all of its different segments?

Below is a brief explanation of all aspects of your Northern Wasco County PUD bill. The circled numbers on this example bill correspond to their numbered explanations below.

NWCPUD Understanding Your Bill FRONT IMAGE

NWCPUD Understanding Your Bill BACK IMAGE

Information on Side 1 of Your Bill:

  1. Total Amount Due: The total amount due or budget amount due along with the due date.
  2. Monthly Messages from NWCPUD: Stay up to date with the latest information from NWCPUD. Look here for the latest new s and any notes regarding your electric account.
  3. Usage Graph and Comparison Chart:The graph will show your usage for the current billing period. Use the comparison chart to compare this month’s usage with usage from previous months. Average Daily Use and Costs are calculated for the current billing period.
  4. Payment Stub: Reflects your total amount due and due date. If you are mailing in your payment, please detach this stub and enclose with your payment.
  5. Monthly Service Detail: Includes your service location, rate description, meter number, service dates, meter readings, and monthly usage
  6. Monthly Charges: Charges that make up the amount due for the current billing are broken out for more detail.
  7. NWCPUD Message Center: This section will be updated monthly with available programs, upcoming events, useful tips, and more!
  8. Payment Options and Contact Information: NWCPUD offers convenient ways to pay your bill. Download the SmartHub app and enroll in autopay and paperless billing