Commercial Energy Audits and Rebates

The PUD offers commercial and industrial customers a free energy audit as well as rebates for certain energy-efficiency upgrades.

Your first step is to contact the PUD, fill out the audit request form (link to form) and then turn it in to the PUD at our offices. We will then do a walk-through of your building or facility, and will then make recommendations about the energy-efficiency upgrades that might be best for your facility.

Rebates vary by the project, but can be as high as 70 percent of the cost of the project. If you are interested in getting a rebate, you must have an audit done before you start on your project or purchase any new equipment.

Rebates are available for the following:

  • Commercial HVAC – Advanced Rooftop Control (ARC), ductless heat pumps, air-source high efficiency heat pump conversions or upgrades, connected thermostats (also known as Web-Enabled Programmable Thermostats).
  • Commercial lighting.
  • Commercial weatherization – Attic insulation, wall insulation and window replacements.
  • Commercial heat pump water heaters.
  • Commercial kitchen, refrigeration, and food service equipment.

Call Lance at 541-296-2226 for more information.  You may also download the application for a Commercial Energy Audit and submit it to our office.

Commercial Energy Audit Request Form (PDF)