What is a Rebate Eligibility Assessment (REA) and what do I need to do to prepare?

When attempting to determine the eligibility of your home for our EEUP for Weatherization and prior to performing measures on your home, it is necessary to schedule either a Virtual or In-Person REA with a member of our Energy Management team. This short visit over will allow us to determine the existing conditions of your home and which measures qualify for rebates.

To prepare for this appointment, please have as much information about your home on hand as possible, including insulation levels in the floor, walls, and attic areas, as well as the type of heating system is used to heat the home. You will then receive an assessment report that details eligible measures and rebate amounts to begin planning your upgrades. An assessment report is required for all weatherization measures and is considered pre-approval for future insulation, window, exterior door, and duct sealing rebates.