Manager’s Message – April 2022

Power Delivery at Reasonable Rates


Roger KlineBy now, you have received communications from us regarding an upcoming rate increase for the safe provision of electric service. For many of you, it will be a $2 increase to the facilities charge— or fixed-cost—portion of your residential PUD bill.

As a reminder, as a not-for-profit community-owned asset, we do not focus on a rate of return for shareholders. We focus on making decisions based on infrastructure and customer service needs to provide value in a fiscally prudent and environmentally responsible manner to meet our mission.

Currently, we are able to deliver power to our residential customers at the third-lowest energy rates in Oregon. The average district rate increase has been lower than that of inflation since at least 2016.

To ensure a reliable and robust distribution system, the district’s rates need to recover its costs while adhering to the rate principles of being fair, equitable, and competitive. Our commitment is always to provide our customers with a safe and reliable system by replacing aging infrastructure but also planning for future expansion and economic growth in the community.

We thank you for your continued support in our mission to provide dependable electricity at a reasonable cost that benefits our customers in the tradition of public power. If you have any questions, please Customer service Email or call us at (541) 296-2226.

The full schedule of new rates will be available on our website. Board of directors’ meeting information, our strategic plan, and many other relevant items are available there as well.

Thank you for staying engaged with your People’s Utility District and for being understanding when these difficult decisions are acted upon.

Best to all,
Manager Roger Kline