Manager’s Message – August 2021


Roger KlineSince its formation in 1939, Northern Wasco County People’s Utility District (NWCPUD) has had a strong public power ethic. Its five-member elected board of directors, nearly 60 employees, and the community expect a high level of electric service reliability, low electric rates, environmentally responsible power supply, and the kind of friendly, personal, and caring customer services that are the hallmarks of many smaller, “homegrown” public utilities across the Pacific Northwest.

The district’s electric rates are among the lowest in Oregon, the region, and the nation. The reliability of our electric service—as measured by the number and duration of outages—ranks well above the national average. Customer satisfaction in the district is high.

We have made many strides in updating infrastructure, safety, technical and professional development training for staff, and updating and modernizing customer-facing systems. We are well-positioned to succeed in these areas. The work isn’t done, but we’re much better off today.

The PUD’s philosophy says it best:

“We value our public power traditions while seeking new and better ways to preserve the benefits of that heritage. We believe that with innovation, teamwork, and commitment, we can compete effectively in a changing environment.”

Please consider signing up for electronic statements, or even downloading our app (NWCPUD) from your favorite app store. As postage rates increase, this is a simple way to help us mitigate costs and avoid having to ultimately pass them through to you.

I am proud of this organization and its staff. We’ve received the highest Reliable Public Power Provider score and rating in the district’s history from the American Public Power Association. Our safety records are the best they have ever been, and our audit results— financial and otherwise—are exemplary. It is my pleasure to share this with you because it is all accomplished on your behalf. This team is committed to you.

As of this writing, the board of directors, senior leadership, staff, and I are hard at work updating the district’s strategic plan. The world around us continues to change, as do the opportunities and risks associated with the provision of electric service and other utilities.

General Manager
Roger Kline