Manager’s Message – February 2023

Roger Kline Greetings,

Northern Wasco County PUD strives to ensure the affordability of the near-zero carbon-based electric service it provides.

Your locally elected board of directors, staff, and I attentively monitor the actions in Salem and Washington, D.C., to see how any proposed legislative action may affect us and the provision of safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible electric service we all depend upon.

We find it important to engage in the legislative process early to try to influence where we can on your behalf. Whether it relates to the environmental attributes of our hydroelectric systems, fish and wildlife recovery programs, infrastructure reinvestment, income-qualified customer support, or even cybersecurity, we have a stake in ensuring unintended consequences are not realized.

Visit Our Northern Wasco PUD Website to learn more about our various programs. More information is also available in the Board of Directors’ meeting agenda and attachments.

Best to all,

Manager Roger Kline