Manager’s Message – June 2017

Reinvestment in your PUD systems

You will be noticing more and more inspection and construction work from PUD crews and contractors starting this month.

Utility pole inspection, testing, and treatment are critically important as much of your electrical system is transmitted and distributed via overhead lines. The clear majority of the utility poles the PUD owns are either at or past their expected life. Rather than simply replace all of them we have an inspection, test, and treatment program that will allow us to be more strategic in this work. More specific communication on that will be forthcoming.

Like utility poles, many of you have antiquated electric meters on your homes and businesses that may not be as accurately accounting for your electricity use as they were when first installed. Technology on this front has improved drastically over the past 50 years and we’re going to be replacing those meters to better serve you as the year progresses. We started this work in 2016 and continue to move along this path in a deliberate and thoughtful manner.

Moreover, as the infrastructure is renewed, we have heard you and your request to be able to use current technology to interact with us as well. Our new website will be ready to unveil later this summer, and with it, we’re going to promote the use of our electronic bill payment services with improved functionality. We can already add your email information to your account and we will begin to improve communication via that platform also. As much as we enjoy seeing you here in the office, there are many ways to interact with us that don’t require a special trip.

As always, these are just some of the actions your PUD is taking on your behalf. Enjoy the sunshine and be safe as you recreate outside!


Roger Kline
General Manager