Manager’s Message – March 2017

Colder Temperatures and Higher Bills

As we continue to reflect on and appreciate our record-breaking winter weather, snow accumulation, and the countless opportunities we’ve had to reschedule community events, I’d like to take one more opportunity to share with you what this weather can mean to your electricity consumption; i.e., PUD bills.

Ambient temperatures in 2016 and now into 2017 have been colder than last year. As such, and even though you may not have adjusted your thermostat, your heating system requires more energy to accomplish the same task as the year prior. More energy consumed equals a higher bill.

Visually, it can be expressed as follows:

December Average Temperature

Similarly, and also very related, is that reading your meter during inclement weather can be problematic. Getting to your homes and businesses and safely reading the meters this year has been quite the challenge. We’re very thankful for your ongoing support in keeping the areas clear to the best of your ability. When we can’t get to the meter(s), we estimate the usage based on previous years’ data. There are methods to correct this over time and we’re always available over the telephone, email or in the office to answer questions.

Until we have a more automated method of transmitting meter data back into our systems, these are the challenges we will continue to face.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding, everyone is working diligently to provide electric utility products and services in the most value-conscious manner possible on your behalf.

Roger Kline
General Manager