Manager’s Message – May 2017

Rates vs. Bills…

I know we have spent a lot of time and energy lately discussing rates, cost of service analysis, and some of the inner workings of your People’s Utility District (PUD)—essentially, those things that make up the per unit cost of the energy (kilowatts) that we safely and reliably provide on your behalf. What perhaps we haven’t discussed enough is the relationship between all those factors and the energy consumption that you use in your home or business.

We work very hard to keep the cost side down, what we want to know is how we can better help you keep the consumption side, and thereby your PUD bill down or at least more manageable.

Some of the things that we are already doing are providing conservation programs to add or replace insulation to your dwelling, alternative heating sources like ductless heat pumps, as well as low or zero interest rates on window replacements or other appliances to make your residence more energy efficient. You can contact us at any time to conduct an energy audit to help identify the specific things we can do together at your location that will help with the consumption. Please contact us and let us help you in this area.

We also have other customer service programs such as senior and low-income discounts, community programs such as the Neighbor to Neighbor program, which is a way for those who can afford to share to help those who could use a helping hand. One hundred percent of the funds collected stay right here in our community. Verification of eligibility is determined by the MidColumbia Community Action Program.

These are just some of the actions your PUD is taking on your behalf. Help is just an office visit or a phone call away. We’ll keep looking for ways to make your customer experience better when interacting with us. More on that very soon.

Roger Kline
General Manager