Manager’s Report — August 2019

Fires, Infrastructure, and Mutual Aid

Roger KlineAs many will recall, last year was a terrible year for wildfires and the multiple hazards that come with them. The tragedy experienced by some of our friends and neighbors will never be forgotten.

The maintenance and improvement work conducted on your electric system infrastructure is purposeful and accomplished with these types of hazards in mind. Please remember that whether it is a meter replacement, vegetation management tree cutting, line access, joint-use-audit, or right-of-way easement, it is all done to ensure the safety, reliability, and resiliency of your electric service, and the people that support it each and every day.

Similarly, you may have heard of recent electrical transmission line de-energization to mitigate wildfires in other areas of Oregon and perhaps even California. Just know that this is not NWCPUD’s typical operational practice and that we work with many agencies, communities, and public officials if and when disaster strikes to ensure public safety first and foremost. We don’t answer to shareholders, we work for you. Keeping you and your property safe and energized with reliable, resilient, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy is our mission and our focus. It’s what we do.

Best to all, have a happy August!

Roger Kline
General Manager