Manager’s Report — December 2020

Happy Holidays

Roger KlineGreetings,

As the seasonal tune goes, the weather outside is—or can be— frightful. What isn’t frightful is the reliability of your electric service and the resilience of the infrastructure and teams that provide it for you each day.

As I reflect on this past year and its many challenges, I am most appreciative of the people I have the pleasure of working with and serving every day. It’s people who keep the power flowing and who we are primarily here to serve.

On that note, your people’s utility district is governed by a dedicated and compassionate board of directors. The policy and regional work they support and participate in has provided us with a positive vision for the future. The performance indicators they monitor continue to illustrate the excellence of the district. We accomplish all this work on your behalf safely and with the utmost dedication. Of that, I am very proud and appreciative.

Consider this my usual plug for energy audits and conservation measures as well. We strive to offer programs that everyone can use to lower their energy consumption and bills. Energy consumption—the amount you use—drives the amount of your bill. We strive to work with every customer, if the need arises, to make payment arrangements or support. Please communicate with us during times of need. We want you to be safe and warm in your homes and businesses.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, as we transition into what 2021 will bring, please take time to appreciate the experiences of 2020—and then join me in being excited about the future. Next year will be better!

Best to all and happy holidays,

General Manager
Roger Kline