Manager’s Report – July 2017

Technology Improvements

The stated philosophy of Northern Wasco County PUD is: “We value our public power traditions while seeking new and better ways to preserve the benefits of that heritage. We believe that with innovation, teamwork and commitment, we can compete effectively in a changing environment.”

Part of our commitment to you, our customer-owners, is to stay abreast of technological changes and be available to you when you need us. In that light, we are updating how your PUD interacts with you electronically. Our new internet home will be the Northern Wasco PUD Website after July 4, 2017. With this change, we will be able to interact with you in a more effective manner ensuring you can read us in your language of choice, on your device of choice, and receive current information in a timely manner. Soon, you will even be able to interface with your account information from your mobile device. Yes, there will even be an app for us, too!

To be clear, our old web home didn’t relate to what we are as a community-owned, not-for-profit entity, nor did it truly describe who we are. The old website wasn’t compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) either and the technology, much like a portion of the PUD’s infrastructure, was past its end of life. The timing was optimal to update this tool as well because we’ve been working hard to update our financial, customer information, and engineering technology systems, too. The website is just your window into the rest of these tools and they all need to work collaboratively to receive the full benefits and efficiencies for you, our customer-owners.

These are just some of the actions your PUD is taking on your behalf. Enjoy the sunshine and have a Happy Independence Day!

Roger Kline
General Manager