Manager’s Report — July 2020

Respecting Each Other

Roger KlineI have had many conversations as of late with community members and district staff. Those conversations centered around our community, as well as the country and the world. Clearly, there are differing opinions on what a public organization such as Northern Wasco County PUD’s responsibility is during times of struggle and strife.

As the executive responsible for this organization and its people, I want to re-state our core organizational values and beliefs, as well as our philosophy and mission. These are our guideposts, and I feel fortunate the board of directors supported me in updating them in 2018. I believe they are relevant and appropriate for the time.


  • Our philosophy — We value our public power traditions while seeking new and better ways to preserve the benefits of that heritage. We believe that with innovation, teamwork, and commitment, we can compete effectively in a changing environment.
  • Our mission — To provide reliable, competitively priced energy and related services that benefit our customers, in the tradition of public power.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • Safety — Working safely and protecting the public, our employees, and the assets we manage is nonnegotiable.
  • Integrity — Being ethical and holding ourselves accountable to conduct business in a fair, honest, open, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner is at the core of what we do.
  • Customer service — Providing quality service at a competitive price while being responsible for our customers’ needs creates added value and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Respect — Encouraging constructive dialogue that promotes a culture of inclusiveness, recognizes our differences and accepts varying viewpoints will lead us to optimal solutions for even the most difficult challenges.
  • Operational excellence — Engaging employees to strive for excellence and continuous improvement ensures we provide reliable service while managing costs and creating a rewarding work environment.
  • Sustainability — Maintaining financial integrity, minimizing our environmental impact, and supporting responsible economic development in our communities ensures the long-term viability of the organization and the communities we serve.

Part of my commitment to the organization and our community is to continue to listen and to learn. I will do so while ensuring the safe and reliable provision of electric service for you.

Most sincerely,

General Manager
Roger Kline