Manager’s Report – September 2019

Infrastructure Renewal and Future-proofing

Roger KlineWe’re modernizing our systems to better serve you and our community. As a part of this effort, we are upgrading our electric meters to advanced or “smart” meters. NWCPUD has been studying this, planning for it, and communicating about it for over a decade, and much more in earnest since 2016.

These meters are a common form of technology that transmit energy usage to the utility through a secure wireless network, using a low-powered radio.

This project is part of an overall 10-year, almost $50 million infrastructure renewal and expansion program. The RiverTrail substation, thousands of new poles, miles of conductor (wire), and many other “future-proofing” updates are a part of this program as well.

Delivering safe, reliable, high-value, and environmentally responsible energy and products are our core business. We do this on your behalf and for a much lower cost per unit of energy than many across the region and nation.

We also recognize that not every decision we make pleases every member of our community. There are times we must trim a tree to safe standards that an individual may not agree with. There are times we must replace infrastructure, meters or otherwise, that an individual may not agree with. There are methods to address when individuals are dissatisfied so they can be heard. That doesn’t mean that decisions will change, but everyone deserves the right to be heard.

Come be a part of the public process if you so choose. Our elected Board of Directors meetings are public and there is an opportunity to provide public testimony. They generally meet the first Tuesday of every month at 6 P.M. in the PUD Board Room at 2345 River Road in The Dalles.

Happy September everyone, please stay safe.

Roger Kline
General Manager