New Energy Program Has Rental Incentives

Landlords Will Also Benefit From Energy Efficiency Upgrade Programs

By Travis Hardy

Since the early 1980s, Northern Wasco County People’s Utility District has attempted to help reduce power bills and curb excess energy consumption for our customers by providing energy efficiency rebates for various sectors of the community.

From day one, our Energy Management Team has diligently worked to reward energy-conscious customers with cash incentives for upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes and systems. In 2019, we are excited to introduce a new lineup of cash incentives with an Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program (EEUP) available for nearly all electrically-heated homes in our service territory.

Whichever program you may qualify for, the PUD’s Energy Management Team will make it easier and more affordable to upgrade your existing insulation, windows, exterior doors, heating/cooling equipment, water heater, and some appliances.

Only existing spaces that are electrically heated are covered under our wide umbrella of programs and qualify for the no-cost, informative, on-site energy analysis and accompanying rebate program.

Renters and landlords can now benefit from a new Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program (EEUP) through Northern Wasco County PUD. Kathy Ursprung photo

After the initial assessment, a member of our Energy Management team will provide multiple recommendations designed to provide your building with the highest energy savings. All eligible measures and rebate amounts are based on the recommended upgrades at the time of analysis.

The newest of our upgrade programs benefits both income-qualified renters and their landlords. The Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program for Tenants and Landlords provides double rebates for all weatherization measures and all other qualifying, high-efficiency products and appliances for which the PUD provides incentives through our traditional programs.

To determine eligibility for this program, the existing tenant must determine eligibility through the local Community Action Partnership (CAP) office at 312 E. Fourth St., in The Dalles. Once household income status is verified, the landlord or property owner is eligible to receive twice the cash incentives to upgrade their rental property.

2019 Rebate Program Comparison*

Qualifying EEUP Measure/ProductTraditional EEUP for HomeownersIQEEUP for Tenants and LandlordsIQEEUP for Homeowners
Attic-Floor Insulation$0.75/SF$1.50/SFNo-Cost
Wall Insulation$1.25/SF$2.50/SFNo-Cost
Duct Sealing (PTCS)$300–$350$600–700No-Cost
Exterior Doors (ES Rated)$75/each$150/eachNo-Cost
Windows (U-Value <0.30)$6/SF$12/SFNo-Cost
Ductless Heat Pump (DHP)$1,000–$1,200$2,000–$2400No-Cost
High-Efficiency Heat Pump (HEHP)$1,000–$1,400$2,000–$2,800N/A
Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH)$500$1000No-Cost
Energy Star Rated Refrigerator$30$60$30
Energy Start Rated Clothes Washer$75$150$75
*Rebate amounts will not exceed 80% of the cost to purchase unit and/or install measure.

This benefits all parties involved by reducing electric bills and increasing occupant comfort, as well as increasing the value of the landlord’s property and providing a safe, comfortable, and more affordable residence.

For every month you choose not to increase the efficiency of your home, you miss out on valuable savings. As you can see from the chart above, there are many opportunities to take advantage of the NWCPUD’s EEUP suite of rebate offerings that can help tenants and landlords save money and energy.

Applications and rebate forms are available at the PUD office and online at our Energy Efficiency Upgrade Programs page.

For more Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program information and eligibility requirements, please call Travis Hardy at (541) 298-3311 or Lance Kublick at (541) 298-3319.

Why participate in an Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program (EEUP)?

  • Your home will be more energy-efficient, using less energy to produce the same or better results.
  • Your home or business will be safer and healthier, providing increased comfort and well-being for the occupants.
  • Energy efficiency can reduce drafts and heat loss and increase resistance to extreme temperature differences. Your home will retain warmth in the winter and stay cooler longer in the summer.
  • Many Energy Efficiency Upgrade Programs improve the efficiency of your existing heating and distribution system, equaling longer unit life expectancy and lower bills.
  • Simply put, it pays to weatherize and insulate your home. Our Energy Efficiency Upgrade Programs reimburse our customers through rebates and incentives while increasing the value of their homes.