Results from Worlds

Members of the Disconauts team gather on the steps of Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, the site of the world championships. Photo by Lu Seapy

The middle school team Disconauts placed 29th in its division of 84 teams, and 53rd out of 400 overall.

“The kids did an amazing job, forming successful alliances and pushing themselves in strategizing, programming, building, and driving their robot,” Coach Lu Seapy says.

In the high school competition, both Syntax Error and System Overload came into the elimination rounds in the top 10 in their division of more than 80 teams. Syntax Error had electronic issues and did not advance past the first round. System Overload made it to the quarterfinals, then lost in the 1-and-done elimination rounds.

System Overload also won the Inspire Award for its division showcasing its determination, positive attitude, and dedication to the activity.

“These are huge accomplishments for a small team in rural Oregon,” Lu says. “I am very proud of them.”