Advanced Meters

Advancing Reliability & Service

At NWCPUD, we’re undertaking an important project that will allow our customers to benefit from the 21st-century technology that’s improving the delivery and reliability of utility services – and enhancing customer service, convenience and efforts to conserve.  We’re replacing customers’ existing utility meters with Advanced Meters that communicate electronically with NWCPUD. While we continue to provide customers with competitive rates, these new meters will offer advantages such as:

  • Faster, more accurate detection/more responsive resolution to utility problems, such as a power outage or malfunctioning equipment
  • Enhanced access to your account information so you can make informed decisions about your utility service
  • Remote meter reading which reduces traffic in your neighborhood and the need for NWCPUD personnel to enter your property
  • Expanded customer options including prepaid services

Please note that not all features of the new meters will be operational immediately upon installation. However, as we install more Advanced Meters and put new technologies in place, we will share with you more about the benefit and new features available to you.

The letter below has been mailed out to all NWCPUD customers in advance of the installation period to notify customers of what to expect during the actual installation of your new Advanced Meter.

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The contracted meter installation crew, Anixter Solutions, responsible for performing meter changes starting on August 5, 2019, will be knocking on customers’ doors to let them know that they are there to swap the existing NWCPUD meter with an Advanced Meter.  If the customer is not home, we have made a special door tag (left) that will be left after the meter is changed out, informing the customer the meters have been changed out.

If for any reason it is unsafe to access our NWCPUD meter, or the meter is inaccessible (e.g. dogs, locked gates, etc.), that particular meter will be skipped, the office will be notified by Anixter Solutions, and the occupants will be contacted in order to ensure necessary steps will be taken to allow a safe meter change to occur.

At this time, we do not have a specific schedule for individual meter installs and do not have the capacity to schedule installations with specific customers.  However, please see the map below to view the first phase of customers to expect a meter change at their location between August 5 and August 21st, 2019.  The general east-west boundaries are Cherry Heights Road to Kelly Avenue.  This map will be updated as we progress through the installations.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact your Northern Wasco County PUD at your convenience.