Appliance Rebates

We offer rebates for the purchase of energy-efficient heat pump water heaters, and Energy Star rated clothes washers and refrigerators. Before you purchase one of these appliances, call us at 541-296-2226 to see if the model you are interested in qualifies for a rebate.

Official Energy Star Logo - Blue square background, white lettering, cursive 'energy' with star image above the words ENERGY STAR in caps.

The following rebates are available in 2018 for the purchase and installation of the following Energy Star-rated appliances by NWCPUD customers within our service territory:

  • Refrigerators: $30
  • Clothes washers: $75
  • Heat-pump water heaters: $300 (Tier 1) or $500 (Tier 2/3)

Appliance Rebate Form (PDF)


As you shop for these appliances, as well as electronics and other devices, look for the Energy Star label and compare the energy efficiency to help you choose the appliance or device that is best for you. Learn more about Energy Star products by visiting