EEUP for Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps (DHP) and Ducted High Efficiency Heat Pump (HEHP) Systems

** Pre-Approval Required for ALL DHP and HEHP Installations **

A member of the NWCPUD Energy Management Team must collect all required pre-approval information prior to install, as outlined below and printed on rebate applications.

Upon receipt of project pre-approval by Energy Management, the NWCPUD will assign rebate amounts, if program funds are available.

A Virtual Rebate Inspection (VRI) will be scheduled with the occupant to confirm code installation and project will be submitted for customer payment upon passing the VRI.


Traditional EEUP customers may be eligible for a rebate for the installation of a ductless heat pump (DHP) or a ducted mini-split heat pump system, which often are a less-expensive option than whole-home centrally ducted heat pump systems, for homes with:

  • existing zonal electric heat such as baseboard, wall, or plug-in (upgrade): $1,000
  • existing electric forced-air furnace (conversion): $1,300
  • existing ductless heat pump (upgrade to 11.0 HSPF unit): $300
  • existing non-electric heating system, or ducted heat pump system (functioning or non-functioning): No rebate

Printable & Fillable EEUP for Ducted or Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps Rebate Application

Please return all required documents and rebate applications to:

Energy Management Department, 2345 River Rd., The Dalles, OR  97058


What is a PTCS Certified, Ducted, High Efficiency Heat Pump System?

Heating and cooling systems consume nearly half of the energy used in the home. By upgrading to a ducted, high efficiency heat pump system and addressing any leaks in the duct system, you can minimize heating and cooling costs. Yet not all technicians are equal when it comes to HVAC efficiency. When a heat pump is commissioned by a Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) certified technician, it helps ensure it is installed to the highest level of performance for home comfort and energy savings. A PTCS certified technician is trained to properly size your system and recommend the best equipment for your home, install heat pumps and seal ducts to standards way above code, and voluntarily submit to third party inspections of work completed.

PTCS is a certification program for residential heat pumps and duct systems. It is sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration based on recommendations made by the Regional Technical Forum regarding the best practices for high performing HVAC systems. Through the PTCS program, contractors are trained in the specifications and must submit paperwork for each job to the PTCS Site Registry. Jobs are reviewed by Bonneville Power Administration and given statuses based on their completeness and payment eligibility. BPA also requires site inspections on a percentage of jobs to ensure PTCS standards are being consistently upheld.


Traditional EEUP rebates for the installation of ducted, high-efficiency heat pump (HEHP) systems are available for homes with:

  • existing electric ducted heat pump, electric zonal (cadets, wall heaters, etc.), ductless heat pump, non-electric heating system, or no existing primary heating system (Upgrade w/PTCS): $1,000
  • existing electric forced-air furnace (conversion w/o PTCS): $1,400

Printable & Fillable EEUP for HEHP Upgrades w/ PTCS

and HEHP Conversions w/o PTCS Rebate Application

Please return all required documents and rebate applications to:

Energy Management Department, 2345 River Rd., The Dalles, OR  97058


Please click the Customer and Contractor Checklist image below to view, download and/or print the most current version of our checklist for homeowners and installers to keep track of what actions are required per measure and what paperwork needs to be submitted prior to receiving rebates.

The following conditions must be met for ALL HVAC rebates:

HSPF2 and SEER2 apply to units manufactured after January 1, 2023 based on DOE’s change to the national standard testing methodology.

  • Ducted HEHP installs: AHRI Certificate or #, partially completed (*) fields on NWCPUD Heat Pump Rebate Application, and an approved Heat Pump Sizing Calculator to be completed by installing contractor and submitted to PUD prior to installation for pre-approval. Contractor or customer must submit completed rebate application after installation for final approval.
  • Air Source Ducted HEHP Upgrades and Conversions must have an efficiency rating of at least 9.0 HSPF or 7.6 HSPF2, and 14 SEER, or 13.4 SEER2.
  • Ducted HEHP Upgrades must be installed and commissioned by a registered PTCS certified HVAC contractor.
  • Ducted HEHP Conversions (FAF->HEHP) can be installed by a contractor without PTCS certification.
  • DHP installs: Contractor or customer must communicate with Energy Management prior to installation for pre-approval.
  • DHP (Single Zone & Multi-Head Systems) Conversions must have an efficiency rating of 9.0 HSPF or 7.6 HSPF2 or higher.
  • DHP (Single Zone & Multi-Head Systems) Upgrades must have an efficiency rating of at least 11.0 HSPF or 10.4 HSPF2)
  • DHPs must be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. No DIY self-installed systems are eligible for rebate consideration.
  • The unit must be installed in a building served by the PUD.
  • The dwelling or building should be up to code for proper attic, wall and floor insulation for highest efficiency operation of new HVAC units, but is not required for rebate eligibility.
  • Customer or contractor must provide copies of the itemized invoice and submit all associated paperwork to be eligible.
  • A PUD representative will inspect the equipment and installation prior to rebate disbursement. These rebate inspections are in addition to all required city or county inspections.
  • Only one heat pump rebate is allowed per customer meter in a ten-year period.

The PUD does not make any express or implied warranty of the heating system a customer installs, of the electrical work needed in compliance with state or local electric building codes, or the quality of the work performed by a contractor or supplier.


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