EEUP Installer Checklists, Rebate and Process Guide, and FAQs


  • An EEUP will make your home more energy efficient by using less energy to produce the same or better results.

  • EEUPs help to make the home or business safer and healthier, providing increased comfort and well-being for the occupants.

  • An EEUP can reduce drafts and heat loss and increase resistance to extreme temperature differences. Your home will retain warmth in the winter, and stay cooler longer in the summer.

  • Many of our EEUPs improve the efficiency of your existing heating and distribution system = longer unit life expectancy and lower bills.

  • Simply put… It pays to weatherize and insulate your home! Our EEUPs help to increase the value of your home while also reimbursing our customers through rebates and incentives.

After reviewing the information and rebate application forms on the website, please contact one of our Energy Management Team members if you have further questions or if you would like to schedule a VREA to determine eligibility of your home for our EEUP for Homeowners weatherization program.

When attempting to determine the eligibility of your home for our EEUP for Weatherization and prior to performing measures on your home, it is necessary to schedule a VREA with a member of our Energy Management team. This short, virtual visit over telephone or video call will allow us to determine existing conditions of your home and which measures qualify for rebates. To prepare for this appointment, please have as much information about your home on hand as possible, including insulation levels in the floor, walls and attic areas, as well as the type of heating system is used to heat the home.

During a VRI, you can expect to be asked to take photos or video of different aspects of the installation including, but not limited to: upgraded insulation levels (inches or R-Value), window and door NFRC stickers, manufacturer tags, water heater installation areas and electrical panels.

The main differences between our EEUP and IQEEUP programs are rebate amounts and the eligibility process. ALL customers in NWCPUD service territory currently living in electrically-heated homes are eligible for the Traditional EEUP rebates. ONLY customers seeking eligibility for an IQEEUP must be verified as an income qualified household.

After reviewing the general information posted on our website, the next step is to contact one of our Energy Management Team members at the PUD office. After your questions are answered and you are verified as a qualifying household, we can determine which EEUP or IQEEUP your residence is eligible for and schedule an IQEEUP VREA.

Please click the Customer and Contractor Checklist image below to view, download and/or print the most current version of our checklist for homeowners and installers to keep track of what actions are required per measure and what paperwork needs to be submitted prior to receiving rebates.

Please click the Customer Rebate Catalog and Process Guide image below to view, download and/or print the most current version of our guide.


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