Heat Pump Rebates

Air Source, High-Efficiency Heat Pumps and Ductless Heat Pumps:

Northern Wasco PUD customers who use electricity as their primary heating source are eligible for a rebate of up to $1,400 for installing an energy-efficient heat pump system. Funding is limited to the amount allocated each year by the utility.

State and federal tax credits or incentives may be available in addition to the utility rebate.

Pre-approval is required, meaning that customers should contact the PUD prior to purchasing or installing a heat pump unit to confirm whether it is eligible and to determine if funding is still available.

These rebates for heat pump systems are available for 2017:

  • Homes with existing electric heat (new): $1,400
  • Homes with existing electric heat pump (replacement): $1,000
  • Homes with natural gas, oil, wood or propane heat: No rebate

Customers also may be eligible for a rebate for a ductless heat pump, which often is a less-expensive option than full-size heat pump systems:

  • Homes with existing zonal electric heat: $1,000
  • Homes with existing electric forced-air furnace (with or without air conditioning): $1,200.
  • Ductless heat pump rebates shall not exceed 80 percent of the customer’s costs.

Ground Source Heat Pumps:

The utility also offers a rebate of up to $4,955 to customers who install a new ground-source heat pump systems, also known as geothermal heat systems. The system must be the primary heating and cooling source for the building. No rebate to replace an old ground source heat pump.

Certain eligibility rules apply, and the following conditions must be met:

  • Equipment must be installed within 60 days of pre-approval notification. Your contractor may have to resubmit pre-approval documents to the utility if installation occurs after 60 days.
  • The customer must have electric heat as the primary heating system.
  • The heat pump system must be installed by an approved heating contractor.
  • The dwelling or building must be up to code for proper attic, wall and floor insulation. System ductwork may be required to be sealed by a certified PTCS Duct Sealing technician in order to qualify for the high-efficiency ducted heat pump rebate.
  • The unit must be installed in a building served by the PUD.
  • AHRI Certificate and Heat Pump Sizing Calculator must to be completed by the installing contractor and submitted to the PUD prior to installation for pre-approval.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps must have HSPF > 9.0 and SEER > 14.0 **** Ductless Heat Pumps must have HSPF > 9.0 (Multi-Zone HSPF > 8.0)
  • The system and contractor must comply with PUD specifications for heat pump installations.
  • The customer or contractor must provide copies of the itemized invoice and submit all associated paperwork (PTCS/NWDHPP)  to be considered for rebate.
  • A PUD representative will inspect the equipment and installation prior to rebate disbursement.
  • Only one heat pump rebate is allowed per customer meter in a ten-year period.

The PUD does not make any express or implied warranty of the heating system a customer installs, of the electrical work needed in compliance with state or local electric building codes, or the quality of the work performed by a contractor or supplier.

Rebates are only available as long as funding is available and may be withdrawn without notice.