Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Upgrade Programs (IQEEUP)

NWCPUD Energy Management Department will be performing most inspections and assessments remotely or ‘virtually’ until further notice.  Customers and/or tech-savvy friends and family members will be asked to utilize their cell phones and/or computers to assist PUD Energy Management personnel in creating or updating your resident workbook via pictures and/or video. 

Through funds provided from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and NWCPUD Energy Management Department, an IQEEUP can provide verified participants the necessary energy efficiency upgrades to their homes including the attic, floor, and wall insulation, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, heat pump water heaters, windows and more!

NWCPUD’s Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program (IQEEUP) is for single-family homeowners living in electrically heated homes that qualify as eligible for services following state-level median household income requirements.

To determine if your household meets IQEEUP requirements, please click the secure link below to be directed to the new income verification portal via Efficiency Services Group:

IQEEUP for Homeowners Income Verification Portal

IQEEUP: El enlace del sitio de verificacion de ingresos para los propetarios de viviendas

Special arrangements will be made for any customer requiring an in-person visit during the VRI or VREA processes.

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