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Are you a residential energy efficiency Contractor working with a NWCPUD customer to install energy savings measures in their home? Have you been contacted by a homeowner or multifamily property owner interested in receiving energy efficiency upgrade rebates through one of our Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program (EEUP) platforms? Is your staff wondering how to best help provide a positive and seamless rebate experience with the Energy Management Team to better serve your new and existing customers?

These common Contractor questions are now answered in an all new Contractor Documentation Guide series designed for each group of EEUP measures. In these helpful, step-by-step guides, you will find customer links to specific EEUP platforms on the NWCPUD website, requirements for each program measure, rebate applications, project information forms, assign payment forms, sample invoices, and more!

Are you ready to be connected with homeowners in your service area looking to make energy-efficient home upgrades? Here you can find training, resources and sales tools to help you perform energy-efficient insulation, windows, HVAC and water heating installations. Visit the Comfort Ready Home Contractor InfoHub for more information.

Additional Resources:

View, download, and print the current version of NWCPUD’s EEUP measure checklist (PDF). This document is helpful for homeowners and installers to keep track of what actions are required per measure while also outlining what paperwork needs to be submitted prior to receiving posted rebates.

View the current version of the Customer Rebate Catalog and Process Guide (PDF).



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