EEUP for Smart Thermostats

Let NWCPUD send you a new, advanced NEST thermostat to your home… at no cost to you!

Important: Before you order, please step through the NEST Compatibility Checker to ensure the version of the NEST thermostat you are ordering will work with your existing heating and cooling system. After completing the wiring check behind your existing thermostat, the checker will provide compatible NEST thermostat options that will work for your system based on your answers.

If you need an Energy Management team member to help you through the NEST Compatibility Checker, we are happy to guide you over the phone or in person to ensure the right thermostat is ordered. If you have received the wrong model, just give us a call and we’ll help get it straightened out for you.

Check compatibility and meet the Google Nest thermostat by visiting NWCPUD’s NEST Portal.

Thermostat Ad

As an alternative to the above limited-time Google NEST offer, NWCPUD offers a customer account credit rebate of $140 per advanced smart thermostat installed, not to exceed 80% of the cost of the thermostat(s), with a maximum of 2 EEUP rebates per household.

Step 1

Confirm Your Heating System’s Eligibility

Advanced smart thermostat customer account credit rebates, as well as the above promotion, apply only to the following residential structures and existing heating systems:

  • Existing and new construction single-family site-built, manufactured, and multifamily low-rise homes
  • Heated with electric forced-air furnaces, air-source heat pumps, or ground-source heat pumps

Step 2

Purchase and install your new smart thermostat

Qualifying smart thermostats must:

Receipts or invoices must show the purchase date or installation date within 90 days of rebate application submission.

Step 3

Submit the required application and receipt, and request an NWCPUD Virtual Rebate Inspection (VRI)

Please return all rebate application forms to: the Energy Management Department, 2345 River Rd., The Dalles, OR 97058 -or- Energy Management Email.

Step 4

EEUP account credit rebates will be applied within 4 to 6 weeks of a successful VRI


Questions or Comments?

Email: Energy Management Email
Melinda Evans: (541) 506-3816
Cesar Garcia: (458) 800-1231