McNary Fisheries Compensation Committee

Funding Efforts to Increase Natural Fish Production Above McNary Dam

In 1990, Northern Wasco County People’s Utility District (NWCPUD) launched an effort to build a 10 MW hydroelectric power plant on the north shore of McNary Dam. In August of 1995, Klickitat County PUD joined NWCPUD as a joint owner (owners). The turbine would be powered by the Auxiliary Water Supply System (AWSS), about 1600 CFS, which supplements the flow at the fish ladder entrance.

The AWSS intake is 80 feet below the reservoir forebay elevation, near the bottom of the dam, and could not be easily screened to prevent juvenile fish from entering. Consequently, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as a condition of the license, stipulated that the owners come to an agreement with Fisheries Agencies on how to mitigate possible fish losses due to an unscreened turbine intake. For more information, please visit the McNary Fisheries Compensation Committee Website.

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