Appliance Use Cost

What does it cost to power these common household appliances and electronic devices?*

Appliance Avg. monthly energy use Cost per month
Refrigerator 50 kilowatt-hours (kwh) $2.65
Dishwasher 30 kwh $1.59
Electric oven 20 kwh $1.06
Electric stove 22.5 kwh $1.19
Clothes Washer (cold wash) 3.3 kwh 18 cents
Clothes Dryer 100 kwh $5.30
Lighting (15-watt LED bulb) 3.6 kwh 19 cents
Lighting (60-watt incandescent bulb) 14.4 kwh 76 cents
Color TV (42-inch LCD, Energy Star) 12.9 kwh 68 cents
Cable TV box 22.9 kwh $1.21
Computer (laptop or 17-inch LCD-screen desktop 8.33 kwh 44 cents
Wi-fi router 29.1 kwh $1.54
Hair Dryer 7.5 kwh 40 cents
Vacuum Cleaner 4.8 cents 24 cents

*These are appliances of average size and efficiency, and assume an average amount of usage per month. Your actual usage and appliance will vary, as will the costs to use them.