Apply for Residential Service

Are you a new customer or an existing one moving to a new residence that already has electricity?  New customers and current customers moving into a residence with existing power will need to complete and submit a signed Residential Application for Service.

To visit our online application page to complete and submit the Residential Application for Service electronically, please click the link below and you will be redirected:

Online Residential Application for Service

If you would like to print out a Residential Application for Service, complete it by hand, and mail it to our office, please click the link below for a printable copy:

Printable Residential Application for Service

If you are a new customer, one of these three options will be required when opening a new account:

  • Pay a service deposit, or
  • Provide the district with a qualifying “Letter of Credit” from another utility, or
  • Sign up with an eligible co-signer

When an established or previous customer opens a new account, the credit history and rating will be transferred to the new account. In the event the customer has a delinquent account balance, the customer must make payment arrangements with the utility before the PUD will start service at the new location.

If you need to disconnect or reconnect power at your current service address, please complete the Homeowner Request for Service Disconnect/Reconnect form and submit it to the PUD office or e-mail it to:

Homeowner Request for Temporary Service Disconnect/Reconnect