Residential Energy Audits and Rebates

Your home is eligible to participate in our weatherization program if it is electrically heated with baseboards, wall units, a forced air furnace, or a heat pump system.

Only existing electrically heated homes qualify for the weatherization rebate program.  If you are adding rooms, gutting and remodeling, or planning new construction, these rebates DO NOT cover these activities.  Any measures completed prior to the initial audit also DO NOT qualify for a rebate.

At your request, we will visit your home and perform a free energy audit that examines the attic space, walls, floors, crawlspace, ducts, and windows.  We then recommend areas you need to improve in order to bring the home up to current building code and energy efficiency standards. After the audit is complete, we will provide recommendations based on the highest possible energy savings.

  • Attic insulation increased to R-38+ = $0.75 / Sq. Ft.
  • Exterior wall and kneewall insulation increased to R-11+ = $1.25 / Sq. Ft.
  • Floor insulation increased to R-19+ = $0.75 / Sq. Ft.
  • Duct sealing (site-built) = $350.00
  • Duct sealing (manufactured home) = $300.00
  • Window replacements that are rated at .30 U-Value or LOWER = $6.00 / Sq. Ft.
  • Door replacements that are pre-hung and Energy-Star approved = $75.00 / each

Rebates can’t exceed 80% of the costs per measure and invoices/receipts are required to process and approve rebate applications.

Please contact Lance Kublick or Travis Hardy at the PUD by calling 541-296-2226 before you begin any weatherization projects at your home if you are interested in qualifying for our weatherization rebate program.