Payment Programs

E-Z Pay

Each month, we automatically deduct your bill from a checking or savings account of your choice. For your records, you will receive a copy of your electric bill showing your usage and the amount to be deducted.

E-Z Pay isn’t just easy to use; it also saves you time and worry, not to mention the cost of a stamp. Plus, it gives you peace of mind if you’re traveling, ill or simply forget to pay.

To enroll, just fill out the E-Z Pay Enrollment Form (PDF) and either mail or bring it into our office. 

Budget payment plan

A budget-payment plan distributes the cost of your electric service in equal monthly payments throughout the year. Under this plan, a customer pays a set amount each month instead of the amount listed on the bill.

This option is a 12-month plan beginning in May of each year. To qualify, you must:

  • Be a customer of the PUD.
  • Have lived at your current residence for at least 12 months.
  • Have no outstanding balance on your account prior to your May billing.

You can sign up for this plan in March or April. After signing up, you will receive a notification letter advising you of your monthly payment. The monthly amount is calculated based on previous usage patterns.

Call our office at 541-296-2226 to find out more or to sign up for our budget payment plan.