Residential Rates

Your electric rates are set by the elected Board of Directors and reflect the true cost of providing service to customers. Please click the link below to access the current rate schedule:

NWCPUD Rate Schedule (Current)

NWCPUD Rate Schedules (Effective January 1, 2024 & May 1, 2024)

Your bill consists of two primary charges:

  • A fixed facilities charge covers the cost of maintaining and upgrading the electric grid in our service area, as well as the fixed costs of other customer services.
  • An energy charge covers the utility’s cost of purchasing and generating electricity to serve your needs.

Monthly charges for most residential customers are:

  • Fixed facilities charge: $23.00 per month
  • Energy charge: $0.05671/kWh (5.671 cents per kilowatt-hour)

Residential customers who have a peak demand of more than 50 kilowatts during the month fall under a different rate structure, which is outlined in the Rate Schedule adopted by the Board of Directors.

Net Metering

The utility also has special rates in the current Tariff Rates  for customers who have their own generation and have entered into a net metering agreement with NWCPUD. A net metering facility is an electric generation facility that uses solar, wind, fuel cell, or hydroelectric power to generate electric power.

Northern Wasco County PUD’s electric rates are among the lowest in Oregon, the Northwest, and the nation. Below is a comparison of average monthly residential bills.