Understanding Your PUD Bill

Do you want to learn more about your monthly bill and all of its different segments? 

Below is a brief explanation of all aspects of your Northern Wasco County PUD bill. The circled numbers on this example bill correspond to their numbered explanations below.

1. Account Summary

The most important information regarding your bill is placed in the upper, right-hand corner of your bill and again on your payment stub

2. Service Address

The address where the PUD is providing service for this bill. This address may be different than the mailing address. The meter number, account number, and name on the account is also provided for your reference.

3. Meter Readings

This section shows meter reading information for the period associated with the current bill. This is your actual electricity usage for the billing period. We measure electricity usage in kilowatt hours (kWh). One kilowatt-hour is the amount of electricity required to keep a 100-watt light bulb lit for 10 hours.

4. Billing Details

A detailed listing of the charges on your current bill. Your most recent payment is also shown here. If you have been assessed a late fee, it will appear here.

5. Payment Information

This section provides total amount due, payment due date, and bill type.

6. Important Messages

This area displays important messages related to the PUD, programs and services, or urgent messages applicable to our entire service territory.

7. Bar Chart of Daily Electric Usage

This chart shows your average daily energy usage over the past 13 months.  We recommend comparing your usage for the current period to the same period last year. You can do this by comparing the far right bar on the chart (this year) to the far left bar (the same period, last year). You can use this information to track and manage your electricity usage.

8. Contact Information

Ways to contact us about your bill or account are clearly noted on the payment stub and on the back of your bill. You can always reach us at (541) 296-2226

9. Billing Summary

This section provides the account balance and the billing date. If there is a past due amount, it will be clearly shown in this box on your payment stub.

10. Payment Stub

If you are paying by check, return this stub with your payment to ensure the payment is properly credited to your account. The payment stub also provides you with your account number, account summary, and amounts due.

11. Important Information

This section explains several important pieces of information:

  • Definitions of the terms used on the front of your bill to help in the understanding of different words pertaining to your bill.
  • Definitions of phrases used on your bill and some basic policies that are in place at NWCPUD.
  • What to do if your power goes out and how to contact the PUD after performing the recommended tasks listed.
  • A list of ways to keep current on your electricity bill and how to use different payment options.
  • Safety information for eligible PUD customers and workers in the field.

12. Change of Address, Phone Numbers and/or E-mail Addresses

If you need to update your contact information, simply fill out this portion on the back of your payment stub and return it to the PUD office with your payment. A Customer Service Representative will then make the requested changes to your account in our system.  If you are changing the name on the account, you will have to visit the PUD office in person.

Here is a link to our Customer Service Policies to help understand why and how we operate when it comes to our customers.