Saria Allen

Saria Allen grew up in Condon. After graduating from high school, she traveled around Oregon, Washington, and California before moving to The Dalles with her husband Andrew and daughter Shaylee in 2007.

She is now an IT technician at the PUD.

Saria attended Columbia Gorge Community College and received her associate degree in business management. She is working toward her bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University.

After graduating from CGCC, Saria was a technician with local internet provider Skylink Fiber.

“I was supposed to be the administrative assistant, scheduling for installations and technical support,” she says. “But I ended up doing tech support, sales, collection calls, and pretty much everything else.” Prior to joining the PUD, Saria worked for Greater Oregon Behavioral Health Inc.

“The culture there has changed a lot over the last year and a half, and I was looking for something more permanent,” Saria says. “I wanted to find an organization that I could retire with. I like that family culture, which the PUD definitely has.”

Saria’s job involves a lot of time at the help desk and using her administrative background to help with various projects.

She says working for the PUD reminds her of growing up in Condon.

“You have that family feel within the town,” she says. “When something happens, we all feel it. To find a place to work that has that same feeling is amazing.”

When not working at the PUD, Saria loves to camp.

“I camp whenever possible,” she says. “We go on at least two big trips each year. I have a rafting trip on the John Day coming soon.”