Facility Use Rules & Guidelines

The PUD has established a formal policy that contains rules and procedures for community use of the meeting room:

POLICY: As a community service, not-for-profit community groups shall be permitted to use the Northern Wasco County PUD Meeting Room on a first come, first served basis when such uses will not interfere with District activities.

Conditions and rules of use:

  1. Northern Wasco County PUD has first priority to use the meeting room. District activities will have priority over all outside activities at all times. Every effort will be made to advise users as soon as possible if there is a conflict so they can make other arrangements. The District expects to be notified when scheduled activities or meetings are cancelled by the applicant.
  2. If not being used for District purposes, the meeting room is available for use during PUD office hours – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Special arrangements must be made to use the facility other than these hours or during a District-observed Holiday.
  3. All individuals and organizations using the facilities agree to hold the District free and harmless from any and all liability arising from their activities and to provide evidence of liability insurance if requested. A signed waiver form shall be submitted with the Application to use the facility.
  4. Entry: For meetings after hours, users must pick up a security entry card each time they plan to use the facility. The individual whose name appears on the Application for Use form will be held responsible for maintaining security of the facilities following the meeting. If an entry card key is lost, it must be reported immediately. The cost to replace is $100.
  5. When an organization is granted use of the room, it is for the meeting room, the adjoining patio area and restrooms only. No functions are to be held in the lobby, on sidewalks, lawns, parking lot or other areas without expressed written permission from the Northern Wasco County PUD management staff.
  6. The organization assumes responsibility for the conduct of all persons attending the meeting until they are off PUD property. The permit holder shall be responsible for all damages or loss of PUD property. Holder may not assign, transfer, sublet or charge a fee to use the PUD facility.
  7. The meeting room cannot be used for:

(1) political fund raisers;

(2) bazaars; or

(3) any other money raising or related commercial activities. Items shall not be sold, and money may not be collected for any purpose. Any function resulting in personal financial gain is prohibited.

  1. No tobacco, alcohol and/or non-prescription drugs. District premises are alcohol and tobacco free; i.e. no smoking, chewing tobacco, or drinking alcohol is allowed. In addition, no non-prescription drugs are permitted on District property. The person whose name appears on the Application form will be responsible to make sure this rule is strictly followed. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of Application and future meeting privileges.
  2. Parking: It is important that there be parking spaces available for PUD customers. Therefore, during business hours, we ask that your group only use those spaces as marked on the attached parking lot diagram. Please review and share with others in your group. For larger groups, carpooling is recommended. Overflow can park along River Road; however, there is a bike lane. Care should be taken that parked vehicles do not obstruct the view of vehicles pulling in or out of the PUD driveway.
  3. The meeting room is generally made available in keeping with these guidelines without a cost or charge to the user, although the District reserves the right to charge a fee to recoup costs incurred. User groups are encouraged to consider a contribution to the District’s Neighbor to Neighbor Program.
  4. The room capacity is approximately 50 for which there is seating. We have 40 audience chairs and 12 board chairs. The large boat-shaped board table is the only furniture in the room that cannot be moved. Any furniture moved must be put back to its original position. A layout schematic will be posted on a kitchen cupboard door.
  5. The telephone is for local calls only. Special arrangements can be made for a speaker phone for which there will be a charge. During business hours, incoming long distance calls must be routed through switchboard. The PUD will not accept collect calls.
  6. Northern Wasco County PUD is not responsible for articles left on the premises.
  7. Please do not disrupt PUD employees except in a case of emergency.
  8. Children must be kept quiet, under control, restricted from playing in restrooms, and kept out of the lobby.
  9. It is important that only dry erase markers be used on the white board. If the white board is damaged through use of permanent markers or other devices, the user will be responsible for cleaning and/or repair costs.
  10. Two 12-cup coffee pots are available for use. User must provide all supplies such as coffee, cups, creamer, sugar, glasses, etc.
  11. Television and VCR/DVD is available upon request. Refer to fee schedule.
  12. If the security entry card is lost or damaged while in user’s possession, user will be charged for cost to replace pursuant to fee schedule.
  13. No animals/pets are allowed in the meeting room except for “service animals” such as guide dogs, signal dogs, or other animals individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.
  14. No open flame or candles are allowed on premises.
  15. Do not use push pins, thumb tacks or any type of tape to attach anything to the walls, windows or doors.
  16. If you need to set up for a meeting prior to 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, please make arrangements to pick up the key the day prior to your meeting.
  17. If additional cleaning is necessary beyond emptying the small waste basket, etc., the organization responsible for the extra expenses may be assessed the cost of the extra cleaning, i.e., for cleaning stains from spilled food or drink.

Granting approval for use

  • The General Manager or his designee will approve and schedule the use of District facilities by non-profit organizations.
  • Failure to follow this policy may jeopardize future use of the facilities at the discretion of the District.
  • The District reserves the right to refuse use of meeting room to any group or organization.

Purpose for which district facilities may not be used

District facilities may not be used for the following purposes:

  1. Teaching or promoting any theory or doctrine of advocating the abolition or overthrow of the United States government.
  2. Programs that may be classified as a nuisance to adjoining businesses, such as loud noise, attracting large or unruly crowds, etc.
  3. Monetary gain of an individual or group for political fund raisers, bazaars, or other money raising activities.
  4. By any group who would exclude anyone from any participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination on the basis of age, race, religion, -3- color, national origin, disability, gender identity or marital status.
  5. Facility use shall be denied when the District has reason to believe that such use may result in damage to District facilities.


In the event individuals or groups feel the District’s policy and/or administrative regulation causes an unnecessary hardship or that the policy and/or administrative rules have been misinterpreted, they may appeal first to the General Manager and if still not satisfied, thereafter to the Board of Directors.

Special Needs

(To be paid at time key is picked up.)

  • Omni Directional Speaker Phone
  • Need to place or receive long distance calls


Fee Schedule

  • Use of Meeting Room:  No fee
  • Two 12-cup coffee makers:  No fee
  • Microwave oven:  No fee
  • Easel frame (User supplies writing pad and markers):  No fee
  • Use of Speaker telephone (for conference call):  $10 per use
  • Use of PUD TV, VCR/DVD:  $15 per use
  • Replace lost or stolen entry key card:  $100
  • Administration fee for generating an invoice to bill above services:  $25

Payment: If charges will be incurred by facility user, the user must pay when key is picked up either in cash or by credit card. If paying with credit card, there will be a $3.95 charge. If PUD invoices for charges, a $25 administrative charge will be added to the invoice. Checks are to be made payable to “Northern Wasco County PUD” and sent to 2345 River Road, The Dalles, OR 97058. Failure to make timely remittance will result in suspension of future facility use as well as accrual and interest on the unpaid balance.